08 Jan 2018

Ruby Red Beef

We’re passionate about helping you eat better meat. And, in our opinion a joint, or steak from Ruby Red Cattle is some of the best meat you can get.

The native home of the breed is the South West of England, with history recording that the Romans took interest in the red cattle when they occupied this area. Today, Ruby Red Cattle can be found around the globe. Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and South Africa are all home to significant herds.

We work closely with James Williams of Tregullow Ruby Red Beef, who raises his herd less than two miles from Etherington’s HQ. All of James’ cattle are grass fed for and slowly grown until they naturally reach maturity at around 34 months old. This helps to achieve consistent taste, texture and impeccable marbling.

Reared in small, free-moving herds, Ruby Red Cattle have accredited a high health status, ensuring the meat is packed with concentrated protein, vitamins and minerals.

The result is that, after a 28-day maturing period (three times longer than the average supermarket) – you can tuck into tender, well-textured beef with complete traceability providing you with a steak that is full of nutritionally excellent protein.

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