About Us

Etherington’s is comprised of four elements:

Brian Etherington's Meat Co.

Brian Etherington Meat Co.

At Brian Etherington Meat Co. we supply our high quality meats to individual outlets across the South West - including some of Cornwall’s most prestigious restaurants, who have stayed loyal to us for many years. We are also able to provide a wholesale and retail service throughout the South West.

Etherington's Farm Shop

Etherington’s Farm Shop 

At Etherington’s Farm Shop  we offer the very best of Cornish food and drink under one roof.  Sourcing local produce is extremely important to us and we are delighted to sell a wide range of local produce that includes meat, fish, vegetables and dairy products. The quality is high and the food miles are low.

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Etherington's Butchery Academy

Etherington’s Butchery Academy

Etherington’s Butchery Academy is Cornwall’s first bespoke butchery school. Its main focus is to teach traditional skills to apprentices in order to create the next generation of butchers, in a bid to save the trade.

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Etherington's Original Cornish Pasty Co.

Etherington’s pastys taste like they've been lovingly made at home for the family to enjoy.  In fact they are handmade in our bakery at Etherington's Farm Shop, at Wheal Rose near Redruth in Cornwall.

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The guiding principle throughout is, and always will be, to produce high quality meat from locally reared and rare breed animals.

All three businesses help to support employment within Cornwall, which is something the family are extremely passionate about as well as “Keeping it Cornish”.