Baked To Perfection

Sealing the pasty

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate our bakery, “Trevethick’s Pastys”, on an extremely successful year of business. 

Trevethick’s Pastys proved just how good they were by coming second in the World Pasty Championships, which took place at the Eden Project in March.  They’ve also been flooded with enquiries, with requests flying in from London, France and Malta… this family recipe is set for world domination!

Made lovingly under our roof, we guarantee Trevethick’s ‘perfect’ pastys are filled with high quality produce, for what can only be described as a delicious result.  Using a family recipe which is over 75 years old, we are proud that Trevethick’s Pastys are now part of our family.

Trevethick’s Pastys has also undergone some exciting developments this year, with the launch of their brand new logo and a new website coming soon.