Butchery Apprenticeships

Are you interested in a career in butchery, catering or the food trade industry?

We offer fantastic apprenticeships at Etherington Meats as well as a range of butchery training courses.

In our family business we have three generations of knowledge and an expert team of butchers who offer hands-on training in all aspects of butchery at Etherington’s Farm Shop and Butchery Academy.

Learn the tricks of the trade in our bespoke school, the only one in Cornwall, and train with experts from nose to tail.

From knife skills to different cuts of meat, these transferable skills can be put into practice behind the counter.

You will also receive training in collaboration with Duchy College, gaining FDQ and Edexcel Awards. Make the cut on 01209 899203 or email us on school[at]etherington-meats.co[dot]uk.


Looking for an apprentice but don’t have the time to train them up yourself?
We can help, using our bespoke facilities we can offer butchery training for your apprentice, give us a call on 01209 899203.


Meet our Apprentices

Scott Buzza – Scott has been working as an apprentice at Etherington Meats since October 2014, and chose butchery because he feels it’s a very hands-on personal job. When you take part in every aspect, you have a kind of signature on your work.  

Butchery Apprenticeships

Scott feels passionate about keeping a traditional trade alive: “I like Etherington’s because it’s a friendly environment with great people to work with; there’s never a dull mom

ent with the Bovine Boys!”

"I would advise anyone thinking about a butchery apprenticeship to make sure it’s what you really want to do, before you start as it takes a lot of dedication and spirit."

Thus far the best part of the experience has been being trusted to do a job alone without supervision, it gives Scott confidence that he is heading in the right direction.

Scott has also spoken about his experience as an apprentice at Etherington Meats on BBC Radio Cornwall. You can listen again here.