Etherington’s Up The Steaks

Mark Etherington

Etherington’s is a local family company that supplies high quality meat to individual outlets across the South West including some of Cornwall’s most prestigious restaurants.

The guiding principle of the company is, and always will be, to produce high quality meat from locally reared and rare breed animals.

Further committing to this principle, over the past year Etherington’s has diversified by creating Etherington’s Farm Shop and Butchery Academy.

Etherington’s Farm Shop opened in Wheal Rose almost a year ago.  During that year the turnover has increased at an excellent 20% month on month and to top it all, has just been awarded a Gold award by Taste of the West.

Its success can be attributed to the first class quality of its locally sourced goods.  The farm shop offers the very best of Cornish food and drink under one roof.  Local people and visitors alike have found the shop to be convenient and well stocked, from meat to ales.  The quality is high and the food miles are low.

The farm shop has also provided the opportunity to relaunch Trevethick’s Pastys.  These are handmade from an old family recipe and are taking the country by storm.  

Just last month a consignment was couriered to a VIP event at a high profile nightclub in Birmingham and they are now regularly requested for corporate events by international companies.

Etherington’s Butchery Academy is Cornwall’s only butchery school and it opened its doors six months ago.  

The drive behind the academy is Mark Etherington’s passion for teaching skills to local apprentices, improving their employability and supporting the butchery trade.  He has committed to this investment for the benefit of future generations.

This commitment is already paying off for young local people.  18 year old Jake Gregory from Chacewater is a prime example.  He started at the Academy as a young trainee undertaking his apprenticeship and is now a fully qualified butcher.

Managing Director Mark Etherington is really pleased with Jake’s progress.

“Jake has a work ethic second to none and he showed us that he is ambitious and enthusiastic.  Through the Academy, he now has the qualifications to create a bright future for himself.  This is exactly why I developed the Academy and it’s quite incredible seeing it changing lives in this way.”

The Butchery Academy also welcomes chefs, foodies and smallholders for day long courses.  Thom Hunt from the Three Hungry Boys television programme enjoyed learning how to butcher a side of beef and trainee chefs from Fifteen Cornwall are regular visitors.

Even the West Briton’s very own What’s On editor Lee Trewelha has tried his hand.

“If you had told me that after a day learning the skills of a butcher I would have felt quite so educated, proud of my achievements and, perhaps more surprisingly, had so much fun dissecting a pig, I would have said you had never been rasher (sorry ...).”

Through funding from Duchy College, Etherington’s also visit local schools to give demonstrations and teach sausage making, educating youngsters in food provenance and introducing them to a potential career.   

Next year is Brian Etherington Meat Company’s 60th anniversary.  Robert William Etherington began a butchery business in 1954 in Crofthandy, near St Day.  On retirement he handed it on to his son Brian and a couple of years ago Brian handed it on to his own son, Mark.

Today Etherington’s employs over 50 local people and provides a wholesale and a retail service.  The company supplies individual outlets across the South West including some of Cornwall’s most prestigious restaurants who have stayed loyal to the company for many years.

The guiding principle of the company is, and always will be, to produce high quality meat from locally reared and rare breed animals.  This includes Tregullow Ruby Red beef, Cornish Large White pork and milk fed free range turkeys from Wadebridge.

The team are currently working with sausage supremo Dennis Elliott on future development.  They are creating exciting new flavours for their sausages and hope to continue to win awards.   

Mark is impressed with the reception that the company’s diversification has had.

“The company is going from strength to strength and there are a lot of people to thank for that.  

Firstly, our brilliant team.  We’ve never employed so many staff and the shop alone has created twelve new jobs.  They have worked extremely hard to launch the new elements of the business.

Our suppliers have done us proud, too.  The sheer quality of their produce together with the variety of choice means that we can truly say that we sell the best in Cornwall.  

Finally, our customers have supported us enthusiastically from day one.  They’ve kept us busy, allowed us to employ more local people and buy from Cornish suppliers.  They’ve been generous enough to spread the word and keep coming back.

It’s quite something to have a vision and then to see the reality.  I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that works with us, visits us and buys from us.  It’s fantastic to see such positivity.”

Etherington’s Farm Shop is already gearing up for Christmas and will be stocking turkeys from Mr Banbury in Wadebridge as well as a large variety of other locally reared meats.  

If there are local suppliers that would like to see the farm shop stock their award winning products, then they should call the shop on 01209 890555.