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Delivered Frozen to your Door

Cornish Pasties

Etherington’s Crimpetts handmade our delicious Cornish pasties daily at Etherington’s Farm Shop using only the finest produce available. Our mail order service allows you to purchase a true taste of Cornwall, delivered to your chosen address anywhere in Mainland UK. Each of our medium sized pasties weighs roughly 300g and is a the ultimate comfort food (and without even the need for a plate, just use the built in handle that miners used to throw away!) they’re great for dinners on the go, picnics and parties too.

Great as gifts, why not send a flavour of Cornwall to your loved ones? Using our secret recipe that’s nearly 100 years old, Etherington’s pasties taste like they were made just for you!

If you want to enjoy a pasty that tastes like it was made just for you, then an Etherington’s Pasty is a must!

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Etherington’s are part of the Cornish Pasty Association meaning you can rest assured that you are eating a genuine Cornish pasty when buying from us!