It is extremely important to us that we supply only the highest quality of locally reared and rare breed meat.


Our fresh range of beef includes Aberdeen Angus, Belgian Blue, Blonde D’Aquitaine, Charolais, Devon X, Dexter, Gelbuien, Hereford, Holstein Fresian, Limousin, Salers, Simmental, South Devon, and Tregullow Ruby Red.


Our fresh range of pork includes Cornish Large White, Gloucester Old Spot and Landrace.


We only use the best Cornish lambs.


As well as other local Westcountry suppliers, our fresh free range turkeys are reared by Mr. Banbury in Wadebridge.


We provide game shot on local Cornish estates such as Partridge, Pheasant, Wood Pigeon, Woodcock, Snipe, Red Deer, Fallow Deer and Roe Deer.

If there is anything particularly specialist that you would like to source then we’d be delighted to help you.  Please give us a call on 01209 890555.