Thank Yule

Mark Etherington

Mark Etherington, Managing Director of Etherington’s, reflects on a year of successful diversification, with a special thank you to all the staff, suppliers and customers.

“The company is going from strength to strength and there are many people to thank for that. 

Firstly, our brilliant team.  We’ve never employed so many staff and the shop alone has created ten new jobs.  They have worked extremely hard to launch the new elements of the business.

Our suppliers have done us proud, too.  The sheer quality of their produce, together with the variety of choice, means that we can truly say that we sell the best in Cornwall. 

Finally, our customers have supported us enthusiastically from day one.  They’ve kept us busy, allowed us to employ more local people and buy from Cornish suppliers.  They’ve been generous enough to spread the word and keep coming back. 

It’s quite something to have a vision and then to see the reality.  I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that works with us, visits us and buys from us.  It’s fantastic to see such positivity. So thank YOU!”