Who We Are

Brian Etherington Meat Company is proud to have been supplying Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly with high quality meat since 1954.

Today we continue to supply the highest quality meat from locally reared and rare breed animals. We provide a wholesale and a retail service, delivering our products with excellent customer service.

Our History

Robert William Etherington began his butchery business in 1954 in Crofthandy, near St Day.  On retirement he handed it on to his son Brian and a couple of years ago Brian handed it on to his own son, Mark.

Mark worked for his father during the school holidays from the age of seven and once he left school, he joined the family firm full time, working his way from the butchery floor up. 

In 1992 the family business formed a company with Jack & Denise as new directors.

Today Etherington’s employs more than 50 local people and supplies individual outlets across the South West including some of Cornwall’s most prestigious restaurants who have stayed loyal to the company for many years.

The guiding principle of the company is, and always will be, to produce high quality meat from locally reared and rare breed animals.

Further committing to this principle, Etherington’s has recently diversified by creating Etherington’s Butchery Academy and Farm Shop – the next part of the story.


As a business that is proud of its Cornish roots and passionate about supporting the local community, the environment is very important to us.

To reduce our carbon foot print, we have installed a new Fabdeck refrigeration unit.  The heat produced from its motors heats our hot water and our offices.  This has reduced our overall running costs and produced savings that we give back to our customers.

The building that houses the new butchery academy and farm shop uses solar panels, a heat recovery system and was built by local builders using local stone and slate and local trades wherever possible


David Griffen Photography