20 Jun 2018

Getting the best from your burger

Meat, cheese and bread. With core ingredients such as these, it’s no wonder the burger is beloved. A juicy patty that’s just cooked enough in the middle, barbecue-grilled and served in a bun with a mountain of personalised toppings is very very hard to beat, especially when it’s homemade.

There’s no doubt the secret to a good quality, burger is the beef. Buy grass fed, such as Tregullow Ruby Red Beef if you can – as superb British beef needs only a touch of seasoning due to the quality flavouring of the meat itself. Whilst some may think that mincing silverside, topside or rump may be too extravagant, it does result in an incredible burger. For an economical alternative, opt for minced chuck, cut from the cow’s shoulder, it has a really good balance of fat and flavoursome meat. Ask your butcher for mince that isn’t too fatty or thinly minced, a chunky grind with roughly an 80:20 fat ratio works best, as it helps the burger hold its shape.

Season your mince with salt and pepper, before assembling into thick discs to ensure a juicy middle. Lightly brush each patty with oil, before placing on a barbecue over a high heat. Given the inevitable variation in burger thickness and barbecue temperature, not to mention personal taste, it’s hard to give precise guidelines for cooking times. But, when you think your burger is a done as you like, make sure to let it rest for a few minutes, just as you would with a steak – place onto a lightly toasted bun and a bed of greens, top with cheese and bacon and enjoy.