03 Sep 2018

Love Lamb Week : The Forgotten Cuts

From the 1st – 7th September, it’s Love Lamb Week – giving us the perfect excuse to devour sweet-tasting lamb. However, instead of opting for the usual leg of lamb, why not rediscover some of lamb’s forgotten cuts?

Although many of our grandparents will be au fait with lamb cuts such as breast, rump and scrag end, modern food trends have disregarded these in favour of lamb legs, racks and chops.  All of which carry a heftier price tag – and the butchers at Etherington’s assure me – an inferior taste to their lesser known counterparts (even the unfortunately named scrag end)!

Scrag end sounds cheap, and it is. Cut from the neck of the lamb and is highly regarded for its rich flavour when slow cooked, transforming casseroles, pies, soups and stews. Similar in texture to ox-tail, it should be cooked on the bone in plenty of liquid, rewarding the most patient of cooks with melt in the mouth meat, and rich silky sauces.

Lamb breast is a much-underrated cut but, deserves the same sort of recognition that pork belly now has. Although slightly fatty, rolled up around a dry stuffing (breadcrumbs with herbs and garlic works well, as it absorbs the fat) and cooked slowly, leaves you with tender meat, and a crispy skin. Best served with buttered spring vegetables, fluffy roast potatoes and a hearty glass of red wine for the ultimate autumn roast.