11 Dec 2018

Go Goose this Christmas

Indigenous to Britain, best for eating in mid-winter and full of flavour due to a lovely layer of fat, Goose was the Victorian’s favoured festive bird. Golden crispy skin and succulent meat that falls from the bone, means there’s nothing quite like a goose, so why not give it a gander this Christmas?

When buying your bird, check the size of your oven, as geese have a long, flat body compared with a turkey’s rotund frame; a 4.5kg bird will feed six, where as a large 6kg bird will feed up to ten.

To achieve the all-important crispy skin, make sure to get your goose out of the fridge on Christmas Eve, as this will ensure the skin is dry. If opting to stuff the bird, remember this can drastically change cooking times causing the meat to dry out as the stuffing cooks. Instead, cook stuffing balls separately flavoured with lemon or orange zest – as the freshness of the citrus makes an excelled accompaniment to goose, as it balances the rich gamey meat.

Allow fifteen minutes in the oven per 450g and make sure to invest in a turkey baster to remove all the fat that comes from the goose as it cooks every half an hour or so. Save the fat as it makes the irresistible roast potatoes. If you have any left over, it will keep in the fridge for a couple of months – use for delectable roast vegies to brighten January days.

Serve slightly pink and pair with an apple, plumb or even a festive cranberry sauce or for a traditional twist, opt for medieval sweet fruits such as prunes, figs and dried apricots.