01 Dec 2017

Top tips for placing your Christmas Meat Order at Etherington’s

Etherington’s are now taking Christmas Meat Orders at our Farm Shop near Redruth. We can take your order either by the phone (01209 899 203) or, in store 6 days a week, until the 11th December. To make the ordering process a little easier, we’ve put together some top tips from our expert butchers and answered a few FAQ’s below – to help guide you through the process.

1. How big a bird do I need?

GuestsTurkey SizeGoose Size

2. Is my oven big enough?

Most conventional ovens will fit even the largest turkey we sell – but, if you’re worried it won’t fit, our expert butchers can break down your bird into more manageable sections. Make sure you have a roasting tin big enough to fit your turkey in, opt for a deep dish, with high sides. If you are stretched for oven-space, cook vegetables in with your turkey and use the time that the bird is resting to finish vegetables and stuffing etc.

3 What else can I buy from Etherington’s?

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without pigs in blankets, chipolatas and of course stuffing – all of which can be picked up in store. Our award-winning Farm Shop also sells sauces and chutneys, alongside a range of fresh fruit and vegetables. Don’t forget to factor in what else you may need for a Christmas breakfast or Boxing Day. Do you need bacon, or sausages for breakfast? Or perhaps cheese and crackers for when people start to feel a little peckish in the evening?

5. When should I collect my order?

The busiest pick up days will be Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th December (we are only open until Midday on the Sunday). We are limiting Christmas eve collections on a first come first served basis. If you can, we’d suggest picking your order up on Friday 22nd December.

6. When is the deadline for placing an order?

11th December 2017

7. What’s the best way to store my Christmas meat?

  • Take all raw meat (except bacon) out of its packaging and place on a clean, dry plate on a shelf at the bottom of your fridge and away from other products, especially cooked items.
  • If space is tight, you can freeze sausages and stuffing to save room in the fridge – take a look at our guide to making the most of your fridge and freezer this Christmas here.

8. What if I’ve forgotten something?

Our counter will be stocked in the days leading up to Christmas, however, items may be limited and we can’t guarantee to have what you’re after. We would recommend pre-ordering as then we’ll have everything you want ready to collect.