09 Dec 2017

How to make the most of your fridge & freezer this Christmas.

Storing perishable goods properly so they last until Christmas Day is extremely important – but finding room in the fridge with the bubbles, brandy cream and of course, sprouts, can be a struggle. To make the most of your freezer space at Christmas and to make sure your meat is stored correctly, follow our simple guide below.

1.         No matter how full your fridge is, NEVER store raw meat outside. It must be refrigerated to be at its best, and to ensure that it stays safe to consume. Whatever your Christmas dinner centre piece, the best way to store meat is to take the bird or joint out of its box, and place on a large plate (or baking sheet if it’s large) – this allows for air needs to circulate around it and stops moisture build up.

*Don’t forget to keep a note of the weight of your meat, you’ll need this for calculating cooking times*

2.         Prioritise, not everything needs to live in the fridge. Sauce and  chutneys plus, some fruit and vegetables – including potatoes, carrots and citrus fruits can be stored in a cool dry place, rather than the fridge. Opt to keep your drinks cold by putting them in the garage or in a bucket of water or ice.

Top Tip: Slice up lemons and limes, and layer them between non-stick paper and freeze in a resealable bag – ready to pop into a drink at the drop of a hat.

3.         Try not to overfill your fridge. This could cause it to struggle to maitain the required temperature and ideally you want your fridge to stay between 3-5°.

4.         Freeze as much as possible. To save room in the fridge, you can freeze sausages and stuffing, as well as part-boiled potatoes – toss them in oil before freezing and they’ll make great roasties!

5.         Make it a team effort. If you’ve got family coming for lunch then ask them to bring items with them so you don’t have to store them in your fridge. By the time they arrive you’ll have your bird or joint out of the fridge, so there’ll be plenty of space.